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Here we come, Belgium! Parking sign from Agape Technology
Release time: 2015-06-26Viewed: 1819Message source: AGAPE TECHNOLOGY
Car park sign from Agape Technology sailed long way to Belgium recently. Stand at the "crossroads of Western Europe", fashion and attractive.

Belgium is a highly developed capitalist country and also one of the world's highly industrialized country. Agape's parking sign now has covered more than 40 large parking lots in  Belgium. The car park sign is made of high brightness P10 module, displaying with extremely clear and fine picture. The housing is made of aluminum, waterproof, dustproof, anti-rust. It was painted gray-black, easily get intergrated with the neighbor buildings and streets, adds the fashion elements for the country. THe high quality parking solution ensures better utilization of existing parking spaces, excellent customer experience, environmental friendliness and economic efficiency.

In order to meet various demands from different countries and industries,  Agape Technology also launched other series of led traffic products as well, such as VMS, trailer VMS and bus stops signs, etc.