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Dicolor's Launch Meeting of Getting Listed Held Ceremoniously
Release time: 2014-11-14Viewed: 3310Message source: AGAPE TECHNOLOGY

After long time's expectation, Dicolor's startup meeting of listing was held finally on Dec. 2014. The present members are as below: Chairman Mr. Xu Chen'ai, VP Sales Mr. Meng liang and the other managements, as well as the security team, accountant team, lawyer team. The attendants from different departments all expressed that Dicolor now is in the right place, right time to be listed. With scientific four-steps strategy, it is very realistic for Dicolor to be listed through IPO. We are very confident in the future development based on the scientific and practical Listing progress chart.

Dicolor Chairman Mr. Xu Chen'ai made a statement to see that he prepared "Two Hearts" for company be listed. One is "Confidence", which comes from inside Dicolor, including years' efforts from no matter management team, quality control team, sales team, R&D team. It comes also from Dicolor outside, including famous and professional security team, accountant team and lawyer team. All of them enables Dicolor to get more power on development. Another heart is "Determination". As one of the generation after 80s, he would never link being listing to collecting only money, but thinking being a chairman as only an occupation, it is just a progress to get the company be listed. No matter under what kind of circumstances, no matter what kind of difficulties will be facing, never give up !

Dicolor's launching ceremony to be listed reveals adequately , in the past 8 years, the continuous growth on the company ability, the continuously getting matured on technology, the continuously exploiting on different market. Dicolor is already one of the top-ranking group in the LED display business. We believe that Dicolor will certainly reach into a more brilliant step in the nearly future.